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What is a mounted platform?

A mounted or vehicle mounted platform is an access platform that is attached to a vehicle such as a truck, van, or with tracks that allows the operator to gain access to areas of height safely.

Essentially, a cherry picker that is safely attached to a driveable vehicle of some sort.

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Types of mounted access platform


Benefits of mounted platforms

  • Both offer the ability to reach areas of narrow or difficult access
  • Easy transportation of the vehicle mounted platform between locations
  • Track mounts offer use of the equipment on uneven ground and delicate flooring
    • Large outreach capabilities and working heights of up to 57m


What applications are mounted platforms good for?

Truck mounts are ideal to use when you require them to work at multiple locations as they can be retracted and driven to the next location, then quickly be up and running again.

Tracked versions are ideal for soft terrain applications but need to be transported via a lightweight towable trailer for multi-sites. They are also useful for external rough terrain and internal applications such as buildings and shopping centres.


What is the difference between a truck mount and a track mount?

A truck mount is fixed to a road vehicle which has wheels, which can be driven between locations. A track mount has a set of tracks instead of wheels, which makes it much more capable of handling challenging conditions and uneven terrain. Additionally the track mounts can be used in internal spaces or where there is narrow access, as they can also be operated from mains electric.


What training do I need to use a mounted platform?

In order to operate a mounted platform, you will need to have category 1b IPAF training. We can provide training in just the area you require, or we can provide IPAF training for 2 subjects, which

will qualify you to operate machines that fall into the 1a, 1b, 3a and 3b categories, such as a scissor lift and cherry picker.

Please note, if you are hiring a truck mount with a reach of more than 21m, you will be provided with an operator.

If you have previously been IPAF trained, we also provide refresher IPAF training.

AFI deliver industry leading training and are recognised as one of the leading IPAF training providers in the UK. We offer training through our AFI Training brand.


How to service and maintain your mounted platform

Our team are experts in servicing and maintaining mounted access platforms.

We can offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages and LOLERS to help keep your machines legal and your workers safe. We are also able to cover breakdowns at an agreed additional cost.

Click here to find out more about our service and maintenance options.

If you are still unsure which type of mounted platform you need for your application, then get in touch and our experienced team will be able to talk you through your options.


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