About Bravi

Braviisol was founded by Bravi Pierino in 1980 and at first provided drop ceiling technology, while providing thermal, acoustic tiles, and insulation installation services.

However due to the time it takes to set up scaffolding and ladders on top of not being able to carry many materials lead to the development of their first working at height platform in 1986. Since then they have grown to one of the strongest providers of powered access platforms internationally.

Bravi product

Mast lift – Bravi’s mast lift provides a safe, highly cost-effective solution that will drastically reduce the work time needed for projects of heights up to 5 meters.

AFI Resale and Bravi – Working in Partnership

To ensure all of the products we sell meet our strict quality requirements, we work closely with Bravi on a regular basis. This partnership means we gain a deep understanding of the range, and allows us to provide the best possible customer service to our end users.

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