New & Used Telescopic Boom Lifts

What is a telescopic Boom?

A telescopic boom lift (also known as a stick boom lift or a cherry picker) is an aerial work platform (AWP) that offers the greatest horizontal outreach of all aerial platforms.

The boom extends telescopically, or in a straight line, rather than at multiple points like an articulated boom.

This type of machine is widely used within a large range of industries, as it allows you to lift both workers, tools required and materials to areas of height safely.

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Types of telescopic Boom lift

  • Diesel telescopic boom lift


Benefits of telescopic boom lifts

  • These booms are designed to allow them to get in to position and get to work quickly, which saves time and maximises productivity.
  • They are suitable for use across a wide number of applications, making them a versatile investment.
  • Telescopic booms allow you to work safely at height whilst still being relatively compact and portable enough to move between sites.


What applications are telescopic booms good for?

Working in confined spaces where close ground access is unavailable

Rough terrain with the four-wheel drive options and oscillating axles

When you need extra reach, as some booms come with an extension called a ‘jib’. This adds another point of extension and allows the boom to be even more flexible in tight working spaces.


What is the difference between a telescopic boom and an articulated boom?

A telescopic boom extends in length, in a straight line, making it ideal for accessing areas of height and outreach.

An articulated boom is able to move sections of it booms independently, to allow it to move up and over obstacles, which is better for compact areas but with reduced outreach.

The key difference between an articulated and a telescopic boom is the ability for the articulated to move sections of the boom independently.


What training do I need to use a telescopic boom lift?

In order to operate a telescopic boom, you will need to have category 3b IPAF training. We can provide training in just the area you require, or we can provide IPAF training for 2 subjects, which will qualify you to operate machines that fall into the 1a, 1b, 3a and 3b categories, such as a scissor lift.

If you have previously been IPAF trained, we also provide refresher IPAF training.

AFI deliver industry leading training and are recognised as one of the leading IPAF training providers in the UK. We offer training through our AFI Training brand.


How to service and maintain your telescopic boom lift

Our team are experts in servicing and maintaining telescopic booms.

We can offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages and LOLERS to help keep your machines legal and your workers safe.

We are also able to cover breakdowns at an agreed additional cost.

Click here to find out more about our service and maintenance options.


If you are still unsure which type of cherry picker or telescopic boom lift you need for your application, then get in touch and our experienced team will be able to talk you through your options.


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