Bravi LEO16WR

Machine Bravi LEO16WR
Machine Type Mast
Power Type Electric
Year 2009
Working Height 4.9m
Platform Height 2.9m
Weight 450kg
Cage Dimensions 1.7 x 0.76m
Safe Working Load 450kg

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The Bravi Leonardo LEO16WR Vertical Mast Boom is electric powered and gives a maximum working height of 4.9m and a safe working load of 450 Kg. The boom is equipped with solid no marking tyre's and is compact and light enough to enter most lifts, making it easy to transport to the upper floors of high buildings and is also capable of maneuvering through standard doorways, without the operator leaving the platform. The Bravi Leonardo LEO16WR is reliable and versatile and also features: A wheel locking device allows you to drive forward and backward in a straight line when accessing narrow aisle. A comfortable step height of 550 mm (21 inches). Powered by two 12V batteries, the Leonardo uses a 110V–240V battery charger for an easy overnight re-charging. High cycle batteries allow 250 operation on one charge, more than an intensive day of work. A large LCD screen in the ground module to show system status and diagnostic. One hand proportional control for a smooth and precise drive feel. Built-in tilt sensor, flashing light and audible alarm. Furthermore, the Bravi Leonardo LEO16WR is virtually maintenance-free and capable of maneuvering at it's full 4.9m working height with the maximum load and the platform completely extended at an automatic slow speed.